Top 10 DIY Christian Easter Crafts for Kids!


Looking for an Easter Craft perfect for church but are finding nothing but Easter bunnies and Easter Eggs?  Have no fear, we have come up with our list of 10 Christian Easter crafts perfect for all ages and budgets.

10.  Cross Card


We start our list with this awesome Easter card.   Use popsicle sticks to make the cross and the rest is up to your kids.  I suggest having the inside be a thank you card written to Jesus.

9.  Stain Glass Cross


These Stain Glass Crosses are a lot of fun to make and your kids will want to hang them at home right away.   They are very easy to make and each one will look a little different.

 8.  Easter Egg Cross 


Help your kids remember the real reason of Easter with this fun Easter Egg craft.  The kids will open up their eggs to fin the cross  in the middle, reminding them that Easter is about Jesus, not Easter Eggs.

7.  Crosses on Calvary 

cross 007

The crosses on Calvary craft are a huge hit with kids of all ages.  The students really love the end result and love finding places for them in their room.

6.  Blooming the Cross  


This is a perfect craft if your church celebrates Easter by blooming a cross.    This craft is perfect for all ages, but we suggest having the older kids come up with patterns for their cross.

5.  Sunset Crosses  


We love the contrast of the black crosses against the water colors.  The kids may need help making the crosses so making a template might help for your younger kids.

4.  Empty Tomb


Kids love any project that they get to eat at the end of the day.   This is a real quick and easy craft that has a big wow factor when the parents come to pick up their kids.

3.  Water Color Crosses 


Water Colors and Easter work so well together!   This is a perfect art project for your older kids, who do not want to do anything too “kiddie”.  We suggest framing the pictures with black construction paper.

2.  Paper Lilly 


These paper lilies are stunning and are easier to make then they look.   This is a real kid and parent favorite!

1.  Paid in Full  


Looking for a simple project that will make a huge impact?   The Paid in Full project will do just that.   The kids will enjoy dipping their hands in paint, but when they add the red dot, they will start to really understand just what Jesus did for them.

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