Top 5 Children’s Ministry Games to Play with No Prep


Let’s face it, we’ve all been there… have a group of kids in front of you at church and you have already ran out of everything you planned for the service.  Instead of offering the kids free play, use these simple but fun games to fill up time.  Here are our top 5 no prep children’s ministry games that will have your kids asking for more.

5.   Guess Who:  Pick one student to be the guesser.   Have the student step outside of the room and pick a different student to be the Who. Bring the guesser back inside the room.   The goal is to be the student who can find their Who the quickest.  Have all the students stand up and let the guesser ask questions about the Who based on their appearance (is a boy, do they have blond hair, are they wearing a hat).   It’s just like the board game and you can do several rounds in a short period of time.   Keep track of the student who guessed the Who with the least amount of guesses.    

4.  Cups and Downs:   All you need to play this game are 20 -40 plastic cups.   Split your kids into two teams (the up team and the down team) and have the cups spread out across your room with half of them facing up and the others facing down.  The goal of the game is to be the team with the most cups at the end of the round.  The students will run around flipping the other team’s cups over the whole time.  When the time is up, count all the cups and the team with the must turned up their way wins.

3.   Dead Fish:  Have all the students lay down on the floor flat.   The goal of the game is to not be caught moving or making a noise.   Have your leader watch over the kids and every time you find a student who moves, call them out.   Give a prize to the last student staying still.   As simple as this sound, the kids really love this game and will ask to play it over and over again.

2.   Giant Tag:  Have all your students stand on one side of the room.  In the middle, have your leaders (the giants) spread out across the room.  The goal of the game is to not be tagged by a giant.  The giants can only move their arms, not their legs.  If you get tagged by a giant you yourself then become a giant and try to tag other students.   One leader shouts out to move to the other side of the room and they must do it in a given amount of time or they become a giant.  Once all the students make it the other side of the room, the leader shouts out to move back to the other side again and this repeats till all the kids have turned into giants.

1.   Clumps:   You start the game by having all the students walk around the room.   The leader then shouts out a number and the students have to get into groups of that number and anyone who cannot find a group is out (for example if you have 20 kids and call out groups of 3, there should be 2 students who will be out that round).   Keep playing until you have only two students left.

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