5 DIY Projects to Take Your Children’s Ministry to the Next Level

Looking for a DIY project that will make a huge impact in your Children’s Ministry?   Here is our top 5 list of DIY projects that your kids will go crazy over and not take up your entire ministry budget.

5.  Connect 4

connect 4

Connect 4 has always been one of my most popular games in every single Children’s Ministry I’ve been in.  The game is very easy to understand and only takes a few minutes to finish.   Take it to the next level by making a life size version of this favorite games.  Right away, when you kids walk into your room it will have that wow factor that will makekids never want to leave.

4.  Prize Wheel 

Prize Wheel for Church

Prize wheels can easily be used all year in your children’s ministry.  Try using the wheel to encourage your kids to bring friends to church.  Each time they bring a friend to church, let them and their friend spin the wheel and win prizes or money towards your kids church store.  You can use your prize wheel as a reward for good behavior , for bringing your Bible to church and of course use it at VBS and at your Fall Family Carnival.

3.  Ker-Plunk

Ker-Plunk Lifesize

By far the easiest DIY project on our list, Kur-Plunk is a childhood favorite that is just as much fun to watch as it is to play.  You can have this project done in a hour and the end result will have your kids thinking you are a superhero.  We suggest keeping this game on stage during free time in order to prevent of your kids from running into the sticks,  You can all use this project for a fun bible verse game.  Tape the words of your Bible Verse onto your balls and when they fall down have teams try to be the first to put together the Bible verse.

2. Plinko


Take this Price is Right classic into your classroom and watch your kids go coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.  It’s a great way to end your service.  You can use this for review, ask questions about your lesson, and give a token to play for every answer right.  You should also use this at your volunteer appreciation and training events because adults love Plinko even more then your kids.

1.  Slime Tank


Slime and children’s ministry go hand and hand, but the clean up can be a real pain in the neck.   By making a slime tank, your kids will come to church every week wondering if they get to slime the pastor this week.   Your slime tank will also become the big hit of your VBS.   Once you have the tank set up, you can it for more then just slime, pies, water balloons, and shaving cream are all fair play.

13 thoughts on “5 DIY Projects to Take Your Children’s Ministry to the Next Level

  1. Love these ideas! Do you have any instructions for making these or where I can find the instructions to make these?


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