Should Your Church Host An Easter Egg Hunt?

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Children’s Pastors all over America take part in the annual debate:  Easter Egg Hunt Yea or Nay?  While Easter Egg hunts are a popular outreach event for several churches, others decide to leave the eggs at home in order to keep Easter focused on Jesus.   No matter where your church is located, you most likely will find that your parents will have strong stances for either side.   So, should you bring an Easter Egg Hunt to your kid’s ministry this year?


First let’s have a quick history lesson.   The Easter Bunny comes from German culture, dating back to the 1500’s.   Both rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility, an important theme for spring, which represents new life itself.     The legend goes that the Easter Bunny would deliver colorful eggs, candy, and toys to children who behaved well just like Santa.   Parents would then hide eggs throughout their yards and tell their children that the Easter Bunny had brought them.  The church would latter connect Easter eggs to the new life received through Jesus.

Now that you have some context to the Easter Bunny, we have put together a pros and cons list for having an Easter Egg Hunt at your church.

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