10 Must Try VBS Snacks

Every year churches across the country put on Vacation Bible School’s as an outreach to their communities.  One of the hardest challenges can be turning snack time into a creative platform to further the daily lesson.  Children’s Pastors are always looking for creative snack options to give to their kids that take snack time to the next level.   We at Today’s Kids Ministry wanted to share some of our favorite VBS snack ideas that your kids will love.

10  Octopus Cupcakes 


We all know that kids love cupcakes and these octopus cupcakes are perfect for the summer time and any beach themed VBS.   They are super easy to make, sour gummy worms and gum drops are all you need, and if you are feeling inspired, you can easily add eyes and a mouth as well.

9 Chocolate Covered Bananas.   


This classic summer time treat is perfect for kids of all ages.  It’s extremely easy to pull off when you cut the banana is 3rd’s or 4th’s.  Once you dip your banana in chocolate, roll them in kid friendly toppings.

8  Pancakes on a Stick.


Kids love anything mini….this is just a fact….and mini pancakes on a stick are a lot of fun to eat and super simple to put together.   This is one treat that your teen helpers will have a blast putting together for you.  Try different types of pancakes and you can use syrup or jams as toppings.

7  Shaved Ice Jello  


Shaved Ice Jello is a new twist on the classic snack.   The bright colors makes this snack look like a million bucks.   They are actually really easy to put together and is not as messy as regular shaved ice.  Click here for the instructions.

6  Marshmallow S’mores


S’mores are a must have every summer.  These chocolate dipped marshmallow’s are an easy replacement.  Once your dip the marshmallow’s in chocolate, simply roll them in graham crackers  and boom you are done.

5  Fruit Pizza


You’re kids will never have more fun with fruit then with these fruit pizzas.   Take watermelon slices as your pizza crust and sauce, coconut shavings as your cheese, and different types of fruit for your toppings.   Just fair warning, your leaders will want to give this one a try just as much as your kids.

4.  Trix Rice Crispy Treats


Rice Crispy Treats are a staple for all VBS snack times.  Turn everything upside down by replacing the Rice Crispys with Trixs.  You kids will go nuts over all the different fun colors and how no two look the same.

3  Bears at the Beach  


This is one of my favorite ways to spice up a traditional blue jello cup.   Place the blue jello in clear cups and let them set.  Next add frosting or apple slices to cover 2/3 of the cup.   Add a few gummy bears on top and a little drink umbrella and you will  become the talk of the town with these cute jello treats.

2  Candy Sushi


This is one of my all time favorite snacks to make with my kids.   You can make it ahead of time or if you have a lot of time at your snack station, this is a real fun hands on activity.   To make it, you’ll need fruit roll ups, rice crispy treats, and different types of candy. Click here for the instructions.

1  Cupcake Fondue

39c4ce070762bb917fe6704443963fe7 Cupcake Fondue has been the biggest hit out of all my snacks and funny enough it’s one of the easiest.   All you have to do is make plain cupcakes and put different types of frosting and toppings inside cupcake pans.  The kids will have a blast making their cupcakes, it’s really that simple!

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