5 Ways to Spice up Your VBS

Looking for a few new ways to spice up your VBS this year?   Let’s face it, we all can get into a VBS rut from time to time so we at Today’s Kids Ministry wanted to put together 5 ideas that will help bring something new and exciting to your VBS at church.

5.  Penny Wars  


Penny Wars is one of the most fun games you can play all week at VBS.    The goal of the game is be the team with the most points at the end of the week.  So, before you start, you have to break your groups up into teams (most churches do this anyways for VBS).   Get water jugs for each team and have the team members put pennies into their jugs.  Here’s the catch, the other team can place silver coins and dollar bills into other team jugs and have those points count against them ( a nickel is -5 point, dime -10 and so on).  We send all our money raise to a chosen missionary who we talk about throughout the week.  The winning team get a prize at the end of the week.

4.  Mid Week Special Event  


If you feel like your VBS starts to lose steam during the middle of the week, then you might want to create a special event to take place half way through the VBS in order to recharge your group.   Try to keep the event within the theme of your VBS.  Some  examples would be:  A Camping VBS would have a indoor camping over night event.  A Spy Theme VBS night night rent out the local laser tag facility.   A Winter theme night go ice skating.   The options are endless really, but by having a big event in the middle of the week, the students will be excited all week long and it is always a great opportunity to interact with non church parents and be outreach to the community.

3.  Pre VBS Game  

GamesFinale We’ve found that the biggest trick to have all your kids arrive on time is by have fun games take place before your VBS start time.   If you pick games that are fun and engaging then none of the kids will want to miss a single minute of your pre VBS program.   You can make the games as big or as small as your budget can afford, but we have found that minute to win games are a huge hit with the kids.   Be sure that your Pre VBS time is high energy and includes upbeat music,  This will make the kids ready to worship early in the morning.

2.  End of the Week Mess


Throughout the week, we promote the last day of VBS as a crazy fun day.   One thing we have found true with kids is messy equals fun…it’s a simple formula actually.    We actually use the end of the week mess as our prize for Penny Wars.  The team that gets the most points will be entered into a raffle to pie leaders in the face or slime their leader.  Another fun idea is called the Human Ice Cream Sunday.   The kids get to cover their leaders with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

1.  Spirit Points/Theme Days:  


One way we try to make each day special is by having a theme for each day. Some themes we’ve used in the past include super hero day, crazy hair day, sports day, and crazy socks day.   We make this part of our spirit points system, where we give points to the teams who have members dressed up with the theme, members participating in worship and general good behavior.   We add our spirit points and our penny war points together, and the winning team gets to take part in the messy end of the week games.

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