5 Mothers Day Projects for Any Church Budget

mom day

May 10th, otherwise known as Mothers Day is around the corner.   As a Children’s Pastor, you often want to honor your kid’s mothers by giving them a gift made by their children.   In the days of Pintrest, that can mean hours of searching the web to find a cute project that won’t break your budget .   The following are 5 ideas for you to use this Mothers Day back at your church.

5.  I Love You Card

Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 3.38.59 PM

Looking to give your Mothers Day card a pop?  Try this easy popup card that your kids will have a blast making and mom will be sure to keep.  By making a popup card, you turn a regular homemade card into something special.

4.  I Love You to  Pieces Picture Frame 


Every mom loves a picture frame right?  This is the perfect frame to attach a magnet to and put on the refrigerator,  You can get puzzle pieces at any of the different dollar stores or use can use some of your old puzzle that are missing a few pieces.

3.  I Love You Because Picture


Make a backdrop a few weeks before mothers day and you are ready to go.  You can either have them take a picture with a chalkboard saying why they love their mom, or use can record it and upload it to a private you tube page.   I suggest doing both!

2.  Fingerprint Flowers 


Kids love any time you let them dip their fingers in paint and this project turns their fingerprints into beautiful flowers.   For a final touch, have the kids frame the picture with different designed card stock…..mom will love it for sure!

1.  Cupcake Coupon Book


This is my favorite idea for the year.   We will be doing this at our church this year.  The kids decorate a cupcake card that has little work coupons attached to it.  We will be giving this to each mom along with an actual cupcake.

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