5 Surefire Ways to Connect with Your Kids


How well do you know  your kids?  Can you name 5 random facts about each one of your regulars?    Studies have shown that your kids are only spend roughly 50 hours a year at church, making it very difficult to connect with your kids at a deeper level.  Keeping up with the lives of the kids in your ministry can become a real struggle but the impact you can have on a child’s life when you are connected to them makes it well worth the challenge. Here are 5 tips to help you go form barely remembering your kids names to getting an invite to their birthday party.

5.  Be a Part of their Small Groups  

Whenever you send kids to small groups, take the time to find a group of kids you don’t know very well and join their group.  This is a great way to know where you kids stand spiritually, you might be surprised by the answers the come up with.   Each week pick a different group and over time you will find that the kids will be very comfortable talking to you about their lives and about God.  Continue reading

The Top 5 TV Shows Your Kids Are Watching

The days of Hannah Montana are long gone and today’s children have a wide varsity of TV shows marketed towards them with several different platforms to access them.  Studies show that children spend an average of 3 hours a day in front of the TV, making it a huge influence for the children of this generation.   Several families have gotten rid of their cable plans and have switched to online platforms like Netflix and Hulu, giving their children 24/7 access to their favorite shows.   Every year, I survey the kids in my ministry to find out their favorite TV shows.  Here are the top 5 most popular shows among my kids.

5.  Jessie


Jesse follows a young southern girl who decides to move to New York and become a full time nanny for 4 children of a wealthy family.  The show currently airs on the Disney Channel and is set to end in 2016.  The show is a family focused coming of age story where Jesse learns to lean on her new family for support.  The shows biggest fault comes in the claims of racial stereotyping; however I have never found Jesse to be in poor taste.    Continue reading