Top 5 Messy Games to Play at Church

messy games

Looking for a few game ideas that will have the kids talking about all week?  Try using a game that involves making a mess! Anyone who has ever worked with children know that messy anything is always a huge success.   I know, the clean up is never fun, but with a few trash bags and tarps, a messy game can be a very simple clean up.  Here are 5 games you can try at your church that are sure to be huge hits with your kids.

5.  Pudding Picrionary 


Pictionary is a great game to play with your kids, but this version steps it up.  Place some pudding down on a covered table and have the kids draw pictures with their fingers using the pudding.  You can use words from your Bible lesson to tie it into the theme.    Continue reading

Top 5 Children’s Ministry Games to Play with No Prep


Let’s face it, we’ve all been there… have a group of kids in front of you at church and you have already ran out of everything you planned for the service.  Instead of offering the kids free play, use these simple but fun games to fill up time.  Here are our top 5 no prep children’s ministry games that will have your kids asking for more.

5.   Guess Who:  Pick one student to be the guesser.   Have the student step outside of the room and pick a different student to be the Who. Bring the guesser back inside the room.   The goal is to be the student who can find their Who the quickest.  Have all the students stand up and let the guesser ask questions about the Who based on their appearance (is a boy, do they have blond hair, are they wearing a hat).   It’s just like the board game and you can do several rounds in a short period of time.   Keep track of the student who guessed the Who with the least amount of guesses.     Continue reading