Bring the Church Together with a Family Game Night


The biggest trend in Children’s Ministry over the last 5 years has been a focus on family ministry.   While family ministry looks different from church to church, the main idea is that as a church we want all our ministries to work together to enrich families.  Family Ministry looks for ways to bring the entire family together instead of overloading them with separate events that makes it impossible to spend time as a family.  A major struggle however, children’s, youth, and family pastors are facing are creating events and programs that are appealing for all ages.   At our church, we have found great success hosting family games nights.

We have a few goals for Family Game Night.  First, we want to create a fun time of fellowship among families.  Second, we aim to make sure that the entire family, regardless of age has a good time and feels included.   Lastly, we want to create a feeling of unity among the entire congregation by blending ministries together.

To achieve our goals, we had to put a lot of thought into the structure of the event.   First, we wanted to pick a night that families where available to be a part of.   We picked Wednesday night  because we already had youth and children’s groups that meet that night and so most of our parents already had Wednesday nights set aside for church.  Next, we decided to break the groups into 4 teams.  Each group member was given a color headband to match their team color and we required families to stay in the same group.   We also assigned groups based on the ages of the family members.  We wanted to make sure that each team had several members from each age group in them.

When it came to thinking of the games, we decided to make a game for each age group (preschool, elementary, youth, and adult).   We did not tell the groups that each game had a different target group that way they were excited all night long.  Between games, we played funny videos clips of game show bloopers to tie into the theme, and we also had a round trivia between games to keep the entire group active (instead of trivia, you could do the Let’s Make a Deal game where you list a random item like a water bottle or something green and the person who can show theirs first wins a point for their team) We kept score the whole night and had prizes for the winning team.  Continue reading