5 Mothers Day Projects for Any Church Budget

mom day

May 10th, otherwise known as Mothers Day is around the corner.   As a Children’s Pastor, you often want to honor your kid’s mothers by giving them a gift made by their children.   In the days of Pintrest, that can mean hours of searching the web to find a cute project that won’t break your budget .   The following are 5 ideas for you to use this Mothers Day back at your church.

5.  I Love You Card

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Looking to give your Mothers Day card a pop?  Try this easy popup card that your kids will have a blast making and mom will be sure to keep.  By making a popup card, you turn a regular homemade card into something special. Continue reading

Top 5 Signs that your Church Does Not Value Children’s Ministry

church no

For many Children’s Pastors, the feeling of isolation and a lack of support can be overwhelming.  For these pastors, they feel as though they are the only ones who see the importance of reaching the children of their church and feel like other ministries are receiving feasts while the scramble to pick up the crumbs from under the table.  Yet, there are just as many pastors who feel like they are completely supported by their church and smile every time they step foot onto church grounds.  As a pastor who has worked on both sides of the fence, I have put together my top 5 signs that you are at a church that values Children’s Ministry and a few tips to change the culture if you are not.


When the leadership of the church talks about your programs, is it referred to as childcare?  The language that is used to describe your ministry is a peek into the brains of the leadership.  On Sunday mornings, we provide a church service, just like the adult service, it’s not simply childcare.   Don’t just listen to what people say, also take a look at the language used online and on and literature your church prints up.   If you are unhappy with what you found, speak with your leadership team.  I suggest expressing the importance of reinforcing what goals you have for your ministry and how the language used helps raise the importance level of children’s ministry at the family level.  Continue reading

5 Surefire Ways to Connect with Your Kids


How well do you know  your kids?  Can you name 5 random facts about each one of your regulars?    Studies have shown that your kids are only spend roughly 50 hours a year at church, making it very difficult to connect with your kids at a deeper level.  Keeping up with the lives of the kids in your ministry can become a real struggle but the impact you can have on a child’s life when you are connected to them makes it well worth the challenge. Here are 5 tips to help you go form barely remembering your kids names to getting an invite to their birthday party.

5.  Be a Part of their Small Groups  

Whenever you send kids to small groups, take the time to find a group of kids you don’t know very well and join their group.  This is a great way to know where you kids stand spiritually, you might be surprised by the answers the come up with.   Each week pick a different group and over time you will find that the kids will be very comfortable talking to you about their lives and about God.  Continue reading

The Top 5 TV Shows Your Kids Are Watching

The days of Hannah Montana are long gone and today’s children have a wide varsity of TV shows marketed towards them with several different platforms to access them.  Studies show that children spend an average of 3 hours a day in front of the TV, making it a huge influence for the children of this generation.   Several families have gotten rid of their cable plans and have switched to online platforms like Netflix and Hulu, giving their children 24/7 access to their favorite shows.   Every year, I survey the kids in my ministry to find out their favorite TV shows.  Here are the top 5 most popular shows among my kids.

5.  Jessie


Jesse follows a young southern girl who decides to move to New York and become a full time nanny for 4 children of a wealthy family.  The show currently airs on the Disney Channel and is set to end in 2016.  The show is a family focused coming of age story where Jesse learns to lean on her new family for support.  The shows biggest fault comes in the claims of racial stereotyping; however I have never found Jesse to be in poor taste.    Continue reading

5 DIY Projects to Take Your Children’s Ministry to the Next Level

Looking for a DIY project that will make a huge impact in your Children’s Ministry?   Here is our top 5 list of DIY projects that your kids will go crazy over and not take up your entire ministry budget.

5.  Connect 4

connect 4

Connect 4 has always been one of my most popular games in every single Children’s Ministry I’ve been in.  The game is very easy to understand and only takes a few minutes to finish.   Take it to the next level by making a life size version of this favorite games.  Right away, when you kids walk into your room it will have that wow factor that will make Continue reading

Top 5 Most Common VBS Mistakes

VBS Agency D3

For Children’s Pastors, Vacation Bible School is like the Super Bowl; it’s your biggest event of the year and all eyes are on you.   While there are several different types of VBS options for you and your church, the following are the most common mistakes made by churches as they put together their VBS game plan.

5.  Follow the 6 Months Rule: Many churches wait way too long before planning out their VBS.  As a rule of thumb, you should have your curriculum picked out and recruit your head volunteers 6 months before your VBS.   If you wait too long, key volunteers might not be available to help because of vacation plans and decorations and supplies might be sold out.   Most churches around the country pick from the same major VBS companies (Group, Standard, Lifeway and Gospel Light) and so I have seen critical supplies sell out during the summer months.   I normally start working on VBS in January and set up monthly goals.   Continue reading

Should Your Church Host An Easter Egg Hunt?

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Children’s Pastors all over America take part in the annual debate:  Easter Egg Hunt Yea or Nay?  While Easter Egg hunts are a popular outreach event for several churches, others decide to leave the eggs at home in order to keep Easter focused on Jesus.   No matter where your church is located, you most likely will find that your parents will have strong stances for either side.   So, should you bring an Easter Egg Hunt to your kid’s ministry this year?


First let’s have a quick history lesson.   The Easter Bunny comes from German culture, dating back to the 1500’s.   Both rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility, an important theme for spring, which represents new life itself.     The legend goes that the Easter Bunny would deliver colorful eggs, candy, and toys to children who behaved well just like Santa.   Parents would then hide eggs throughout their yards and tell their children that the Easter Bunny had brought them.  The church would latter connect Easter eggs to the new life received through Jesus.

Now that you have some context to the Easter Bunny, we have put together a pros and cons list for having an Easter Egg Hunt at your church.

Pro: Continue reading