Why You Can’t Afford Not to Appreciate Your Volunteers


I don’t know a single Children’s Pastor who has a big enough budget to do everything they would like to do.  With that being said, we look to find places where we can cut costs in order to make VBS extra special this year or find an extra hundred dollars to upgrade our bounce house for the back to school bash.   One area that often times gets cut the most is volunteer appreciation (that’s if you even have VA on your budget to begin with).   BUT YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO DO THIS!

Over all my years of ministry, I’ve been blessed to be a part of churches that really honor their volunteers and then I have had to reach into my own pocket to honor my volunteers at churches that did not.   One of the biggest differences I found between churches that where striving vs churches stuck in  a rut was the culture among their volunteers.  Churches that had a focus on raising up leaders and showing how thankful they where to their teams where growing and more importantly just seemed like a place where people wanted to be.  On the other hand, the churches where the volunteers never got thanked, or taken care of seemed very main stage focused, and if you were not on the main stage, you felt like you didn’t even matter.  Continue reading